Apr 01
Cinque Terre

Get in touch with the real soul of the Cinque Terre

Give a special touch to your trip

Choose LaZigoela to visit the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre. Live the experience of “Leudo“, a sailing boat, typical of the Ligurian maritime tradition.
During the excursion you will be able to explore an unique landscape. You will set sail and dive into the blue sea, discovering the lush nature of our rugged coastline and the wonderful picturesque villages. Relax, swim, snorkel and have a delicious lunch to spend an unforgettable day.

Discover with us the Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere.

Let yourself be surprised by its historical village and its wild islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. A splendid setting for all lovers of nature and active tourism.
From the sea a breathtaking view, on one side the ancient village. A “Palazzata” of Case-Torri multicolored, the Doria Castle, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Church of San Pietro perched on a promontory. On the other, the Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto archipelago, with their luxuriant nature, with a thick Mediterranean vegetation and the remains of fortifications and monastic settlements.

Dive from the Zigoela, in the wonderful waters of the Tramonti coast.

Le Nere, Le Rosse, Persico, Schiara, Monesteroli, the Fossola, the Pineda and many hidden coves, to live the sea exclusively.

And then immerse yourself in the unique landscape of the Cinque Terre.

5 villages, 4 on the sea and 1, imposing on the hill, inaccessible from the coast. Riomaggiore, the first of the five. From the steep terraced hills and colorful houses built vertically. Manarola, a fresco with sunny colors, a paradise of vines and olive trees. Corniglia, perched on a picturesque cliff. Vernazza, a wonderful village where it is nice to arrive by sea, through the wide bay on the town square. Monterosso, the most loved village by Eugenio Montale, the only one with a wide and long beach.
A territory with a special soul to be discovered, a Unesco Heritage of incomparable beauty.