Apr 01
Sailing Boat to the music rhythm

Mare,Relax.Starting season to the rhythm of the music!

Wonderful Sailboat tour aboard of LaZigoela, to the rhythm of the music

LaZigoela InTour in the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre. Sea, sun and music to the rhythm of the music video by Mirko Colombari, the “Paese del Sole”.
Climb on LaZigoela, enjoy the gentle sea breeze. Experience the thrill of feeling free in a magical dimension, between land and sea.

Unique experience between the jagged coastline of Tramonti and Cinque Terre, the crystal clear sea of hidden bays and the flavors of the Ligurian tradition.
From La Spezia, we sail a first stretch of the Gulf of Poets.Marola, Cadimare, Fezzano, Le Grazie up to the bay of Portovenere. There a breathtaking view, on one side the magical village, on the other one the wild Palmaria Island. Following, the Promontory overlooking the sea with the historical church of San Pietro and the Grotta Byron, dominated by the still intact Castle.

After the pristine Tramonti coastline, with the small fishing and agricultural villages of Persico, Schiara, Monesteroli and Fossola. Untouched places, perched between the Mediterranean scrub, prickly pears, lemons, terraced vineyards and cultivated fields. Places accessible or on foot, through a rich network of well-indicated hiking paths or with a boat by sea.
Arriving to the beautiful pittoresque hamlets of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
5 Pearls from the Eastern Ligurian Coast, from the typical high colored “tower” houses, among narrow alleys and craft shops. Unique landscape, between sky and sea, which will remain in the heart.
A territory shaped by humans through the centuries, seat of the Cinque Terre National Park. Stunning sea that hosts a prestigious Marine Protected Area, where it is often possible see the “dolphins friends” at the sunshine and at the sunset. Countries of traditions and ancient crafts, and of intense Mediterranean scents.