Discover «LaZigoela»… flagship boat, belonging to the “Compagnia delle Vele Latine” Association.

A piece of tradition

the historic Leudo

Sailing Vessel
A typical Vessel of the Ligurian seafaring culture


The “Compagnia delle Vele Latine”, founded in 2004, was created to preserve the tradition of the Latin Sails “I Leudi”.

Remembrance of the sailors of yesteryear and topicality of their commitment to safeguarding the historical heritage of wooden shipbuilding.

Its Mission: to promote and disseminate the Mediterranean seafaring culture and the territory, protecting and defending the surrounding environment.

The non-profit association aims to:

  • to support those who carry out restoration work, recovery of vintage or traditional lateen sail boats,
  • to organize conferences, rallies, re-enactments,
  • to promote sporting and cultural initiatives related to nautical and seafaring activities,
  • to contribute to raising awareness and preserving the territory and the marine environment.

 The Leudo LaZigoela, the leading boat, in particular carries out a work of dissemination and knowledge of the territory of the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre, involving guests in the discovery of the Ligurian coasts, local flavors and the culture of the villages. Experiential boat trips that generate emotion, but also educational activities with children and the disabled.


On the Disabled

  • To involve children in boat maintenance sessions,
  • To create navigation teams,
  • To achieve aggregation and socialization.

On the Territory and the environment

LaZigoela has had authorization N ° 1 for several years to carry out “Educational and naturalistic dissemination activities within the Marine Protected Area of the Cinque Terre National Park“.

  • To educate to respect for the ecosystem, with a particular focus on the Cetacean Sanctuary, also through days dedicated to cleaning the sea from plastic, to raise awareness among new generations,
  • To promote local nursery cultures of mussels and oysters, to pass on a centuries-old activity, which represents an indigenous production from father to son,
  • To involve you with traditional flavors at km0, from Pesto, to Bagnun, to the typical products of the Gulf and the Cinque Terre with a crescendo of emotions on the palate.

On the Restoration of the Historical Leudi

To revive the fleets of the past, investing part of the Association’s financial resources in the research, restoration and recovery of vintage lateen sail boats.

On the Daily Campus with children

  • To make children spend exciting moments,
  • To achieve aggregation and socialization.

 On the Re-enactments, the Sailing, the Events

The Association with its star boat “LaZigoela”, has participated over the years in several sailings, in the quadrilateral of the Mediterranean, retracing the ancient routes of the Leudi.

On excursions by boat

To introduce the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre to those who visit our area, through a boat that represents the tradition of the Ligurian Seafaring.

We carry out social, educational and promotion activities of the territory thanks to the proceeds of the excursions and activities on board.

Everyone who gets on board contributes to keeping the tradition alive.

Those who sail with us are in fact given a membership card, because they participate with their contribution to support the Compagnia delle Vele Latine in its objectives.

Discover the experience of being an old sea dog, on board of a historic vessel.

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The Leudo has the charm of an old-fashioned Vessel. The quintessence of the Italian Navy history and the flourishing maritime trade. Dedicated mainly to the transport of wine, salt, olive oil, in the quadrilateral of Liguria, Toscana, Sardegna, Corsica.

Today there are just 9 existing vessels still navigating in the Mediterranean Sea.

LaZigoela is one of these exemplars.

A Vintage boat with its lateen sail was designed primarily for the transportation of the local wine. And thanks to its experienced and well trained crew, it re-evokes the tradition every day.

To live LaZigoela experience,
it is an adventure.

Discover what it means feeling an old sea dog, on board of a really historic vessel.

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