Discover with «LaZigoela»
A piece of tradition

the historic Leudo

Sailing Vessel
A typical Vessel of the Ligurian seafaring culture

The historic origins of  Leudo are lost in time. A Sailing Vessel mainly used for transporting of different types of goods in the Mediterranean  Sea.  

A Traditional Vessel able to operate both on the high sea and close to the beach. Since immemorial time the leudo was able to reach the shore, even with a  full cargo in adverse weather conditions and when harbours were unavailable.

Discover the experience of being an old sea dog, on board of a historic vessel.

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The Leudo has the charm of an old-fashioned Vessel. The quintessence of the Italian Navy history and the flourishing maritime trade. Dedicated mainly to the transport of wine, salt, olive oil, in the quadrilateral of Liguria, Toscana, Sardegna, Corsica.

Today there are just 9 existing vessels still navigating in the Mediterranean Sea.

LaZigoela is one of these exemplars.

A Vintage boat with its lateen sail was designed primarily for the transportation of the local wine. And thanks to its experienced and well trained crew, it re-evokes the tradition every day.

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it is an adventure.

Discover what it means feeling an old sea dog, on board of a really historic vessel.

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