Sep 07
Flashmob, concerto di luci all'isola del Tino

Flashmob at Isola del Tino for San Venerio

Great event at Isola del Tino…September 12…mark this date.
During the Feast of the Patron Saint, San Venerio, a concert of lights will illuminate the sunset.
Like San Venerio, according to legend, he turned on the first light signal on the island to guide the sailors, at 6:00 pm on Saturday 174 boats and perhaps more, will turn on a light of hope.
LaZigoela will be one of the 5 leading boats, but as Leudo in Vela Latina, since San Venerio is the protector of the Latin Sails, it will have the task of opening the formation of the circle in homage to the Saint.
An exciting, unique event, not to be missed.