Jun 03
LaZigoela InTour to the Cinque Terre and the dolphins

Dolphins to the Cinque Terre, in the Cetacean Sanctuary

The dolphins and the Cetacean Sanctuary

The season has started again and the dolphins have already given us several unique moments.

This year is a lucky year. In addition to the sun, the sea, the picturesque colors of the villages, the crystal clear water, the jagged coasts overlooking the sea and the local flavors of typical dishes, a wonderful spectacle, offered by our small cetaceans.

The Marine Protected Area of the Cinque Terre, is part of the Cetacean Sanctuary. A perfect habitat for Whales and Dolphins, which often surprise us with their evolutions at dawn and dusk.

The Cinque Terre, the perfect place to experience the magic of wonderful encounters with marine fauna, in full respect of their freedom and with a view to a completely sustainable human-animal relationship.

An unprecedented experience, an encounter with friendly nature.

An unforgettable moment, exclusive, because it happens, but not always!