May 28
Whalewatching with Cea

Aboard LaZigoela, for a whalewatching together CEA

Important sea trip with the pupils from schools, Moby Dick and the CEA. The Environmental Education Center of the Cinque Terre Park, born to encourage the knowledge of the territory, the planning and implementation of awareness campaigns about the sustainable development, yesterday in the Gulf of Poets and along the Cinque Terre Coast, for a didactic activity of Whalewatching. On an historic boat, such as LaZigoela, the students participated at an experience, really unique, of Whalewatching in the Sea Cetacean Sanctuary (Pelagos) and in the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area. During the navigation of approach, assisted by the professionals of the Environmental Education Center, the children learned, with special binoculars, to recognize the different species of cetaceans that inhabit our sea and their biological characteristics, in addition to learning the international behavioral codes of Pelagos, for their close observation.

The waters of the Cinque Terre marine reserve are rich of cetaei and every summer about two thousand whales and thousands of other cetaceans, including dolphins, zifi and sperm whales, gather in the Ligurian-Provençal basin, which also includes the Cinque Terre, to feed on awaiting the winter.

An experience to feel in touch with nature, to meet our cetacean friends more closely.